Duvenbeck invests in Kecskemét

Author: Gergő Panker | 11/11/2012 12:18

The second phase of the development of Duvenbeck Immo Logisztikai Kft, member of Thomas Duvenbeck Holding GmbH, has begun in Kecskemét. The cost of the workplace-creating investment amounts to 3.5 million EUR.

In regards to the development CEO Attila Kórusz pointed out: the first phase of the investment, a 5,000m2 warehouse supported by the New Széchenyi Plan, was handed over on the site previously purchased from the municipality of Kecskemét on 1 September 2011.

A year after that the second phase of the developments involving logistics activities supplying the Mercedes plant began on a 8ha area opposite to Gate 2 of the Mercedes plant. Within the 3.5-million-EUR investment, the 5,000m2 warehouse will be extended with an area of 7,200m2 and a 200m2 office block for the employees. Parallel with that, the company is establishing a comprehensive IT system as well.

The 2,200m2 projecting roof adjoining the facility’s external fronting and the 4,500m2 area service road – asphalt loading surface and the extension of utilities installed in the first phase (waterlines, sewerage, electrical network) will be carried out by Szerelő és Építőipari Fővállalkozó Kft. The second phase of the development is expected to be handed over on 1 March 2013.

Mr Kórusz emphasized: currently Duvenbeck group’s Hungarian investment employs 200 people and thanks to the development the company will create further jobs in the region of Kecskemét.

Klaudia Szemerey, deputy mayor of Kecskemét responsible for economic affairs, welcomed Duvenbeck’s workplace-creating investment, pointing out that in spite of the crisis, for the last few years, 4,000 new workplaces have been created in the city, economic players investing hundreds of millions of HUF in the county capital. In the past four years, nearly 200 constructions have been finished, begun or in the process of authorization. All these show that companies feel comfortable in Kecskemét; the unsurprising economical environment, favourable local taxes and improving infrastructure are ideal for their activities, emphasized the deputy mayor.

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